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Is that a challenge?

bitch please


Touche Amore - Gravity Metaphorically. Detroit, MI. (10/21/12)

This is the stuff that gets done while we try and make a haunted house


kaips23 replied to your photo: Touché Amoré
Welp. Looks like I need to come over one of these days.

Yes you do. I’ve got more where those came from!



I swear I laughed for 20 minutes god


Where/when is all this going down?

Seahaven is in Grand Rapids on Oct 20, then Circa and the bunch are the next day in Pontiac, over by Detroit.

Then I just have to figure out how to get back up to Ferris for class Monday


kaips23 asked: And you have tumblr too! Haha yessss

I’m all over the place hah