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Flare Jeans - Fall Tour EP

Flare Jeans is a newly formed band from my friend Garret Cabello (ex-Midwest Pen Pals). They’re great dudes making great punk/indie/emo whatever you wanna call this.

Fall Tour EP

Free stuff

You Me & Us - Paperweights

You Me & Us are some great people from California touring all over the country endlessly to deliver great, catchy garage pop. Recorded as a 3-piece, the dynamic duo (and adorable couple) of Carlee and Ignacio tour on their own. I had the pleasure of hosting them in my basement a few months ago and they’re even more fun live and definitely worth the time to check out.


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running shoes - Follow Your Feet

Midwest local boys with twinkles in their eyes and in their hands. Hailing from Grand Rapids, MI, running shoes is a neat little emo band. Playing a show soon in GR with Adventures, Pity Sex, and The Reptilian.

Get it!

Other free jams.

Birds in Row - Cottbus

If you haven’t heard of this band, I don’t know what you’re doing living in that hole, but now’s your chance to get out. Birds in Row are a loud, abrasive hardcore/punk band from France. Recently signed to Deathwish, they’ve done tours in the US already with Loma Prieta, Touche Amore, and Defeater. Both of their old EP’s are free on their website, and if you’re a fan after checking those out (you will be) go pick up their full length You, Me, & The Violence.


Free Things

Real Friends - Acoustic Songs EP

Real Friends are, in my opinion, the best up and coming pop punk act right now. You’ve probably heard about them already and are jamming to Everyone That Dragged You Here, but if you’re not, here’s your chance to try them out. Featuring one pure acoustic song and 3 acoustic version of songs off their EP, you’ll still get a pretty good taste of what they’re about. Check out this and their EP, then shell out the $5 to some good dudes.

Acoustic Songs


von Wolfe - Life’s a Beach

von Wolfe is honestly one of my favorite bands. I’m going to throw out a warning to do your best not to get attached, since they’re broken up and the chance to seem them live is forever gone. They make you want to break things; it’s that simple.

Life’s a Beach

Other freebies

Frameworks - Every Day Is The Same

Well, I’m just going to steal thehotelcat’s idea and start posting free music that I find and love, just don’t expect as good of descriptions as he throws out, mostly because I don’t know what I’m talking about, but whatever. 

Frameworks is a sweet post-hardcore band from Florida. For fans of The Wave style of stuff. That’s about all I got, I can talk them up a ton, or you can just go take 2 minutes to listen to them and hear for yourself. Absolutepunk seemed to like them if that helps.

Get Every Day Is The Same here.

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